Long Distance

Long Distance

Moving out of state can be a stressful time for you and your family. We try to take the stress out of your long distance move.

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We offer economical relocation plans with uncommon service and “Delivery Now !” If you have access to your new home, we can deliver your furnishings within 1 to 2 days if you are moving within 1000 miles to your new home. If you are moving over 1200 miles: 3 to 4 day delivery into your new home.

All relocations have guaranteed pickup and delivery dates. Whatever state, city or town you live in, we will provide each customer with our personalized relocation service from start to finish. Our professional movers, trucks, and equipment.


You are set at ease within the first five minutes of our movers arriving to your home. The protection of the home with the front door padded, door jamb pads, carpet runners, hardwood floor runners, and hand rail pads shows the extra attention our movers provide. The same attention is shown in your new home. We pad all furnishings in your home before the item is moved out to the furniture van. seed, care We do not remove the pads until the item is with placed into the intended room of your new furniture home. This eliminates dings and scratches. We pad and stretch wrap all fabric covered it ( couches, chairs, recliners) to keep these items clean and at no cost to the customer.

All items loaded are inventoried and a copy left with you before we leave your old residence. You have an accurate description of what we are moving , how many pieces and how many boxes. All items are numbered in sequence so you can check the items off during the unload to insure proper accountability.

All these services provided and to top it all off… we provide every customer with a guaranteed binding cost. There will be no surprises when we arrive to your new home. The cost of your move will never be higher than quoted with the services originally estimated.